Partners in a multitude of previous projects, Aiden Arnold and Jean-Michel Logan have a solid and fruitful friendship with great creative outlets.  Aiden and Jean-Michel met through common friends, and established a friendship that is now 10 years strong.


Aiden Arnold


Aiden has always had the mind on his mind. As a small child, he would often draw pink dinosaurs and stare at them pensively, wondering if other children saw the image in their mind the same way as it appeared in his. This curiosity became deep rooted and sent him on a life long quest to explain the fundamental components of cognition. After studying the phenomenology of memory at the University of Victoria, he took a position managing a research lab were he helped develop the science behind happiness and existential well-being. Deciding that managerial obligations inhibited the path to euphoria rather than facilitating it, he took time to travel through Central America to surf some of the greatest beaches experienced by humankind. There, on the sandy shores of Dominical, Costa Rica, he reached a fuller appreciating of his practice of Dzogchen – a unique experiential philosophical system that pre-dates Buddhism – and decided to immerse himself back into a life of research in order to share what he learnt while wandering the edges of his mind. He is currently a visiting research scholar at the University of California Davis where he is developing a model of the brain networks that allow us to think about space and time….and pink dinosaurs.

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Jean-Michel Logan

Jean-Michel, engineer by day, and creative elf by night, has worked on things from bicycle powered machines in Guatemala, to winning DJ competitions back when records were used and DJ battles were still in the underground.  Jean-Michel has traveled the west coast of Canada, the US, and all over Latin America searching for that wave that could bring him peace, and realized one day that the search in iteself was what brought him peace.  It’s with this, the steady contemplative thoughts, daily meditations, and eye for detail that Jean-Michel brings excellence to this project.

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