Looking back as we look forward


Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good. – Plato


The new year has come and gone.  Some of us have begun implementing our “New Year Resolutions”, of which only a few percentage of use will ever stay on track (see our last post on this here).  Others have no time whatsoever for these types of thoughts, and we have carried on with day to day lives, the only major change of which is to sign “2015” in the year part of the date.

For us, looking back, this little website and our book (the book, mostly!) have come a long way from an idea in 2011.

We thought we’d have a short post for all our readers, new and old, to highlight some of the ideas, strategies and systems that have made a big impact in our lives.  Following are a few of our favourite, and most popular, posts from over the years.

Sometimes, we over complicate what a meditation should be.  The Square Breath meditation, though effective in its result, only takes 16 seconds to tune into.  Check out this little gem :


We all through hard times.  The trick is remembering that 1. these are temporary and 2. some of our greatest lessons come from loss.  Check out Aiden’s insightful summary of this process:


And speaking of hard times, sometimes our closest relationships are the most challenging as we attempt to maintain that line between loving and needing someone.  Did you think they were the same?  Read Jean-Michel’s view on this:


And follow up the thought on relationships with:


Some of us tune into the Buddha, or Christ, or the belief of nothing.  Others of us use plant medicines to gain insights into ourselves and the universe (some would argue that all religions are based on plant medicines, but that’s a different topic).  Read about one anonymous readers’ experience here:


And to round out the new year and help keep us on track for our resolutions, check out this blurb on hacking emotions to kick start motivation:


Lastly, read a few samples of our upcoming book here:


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-Aiden and Jean-Michel

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