Surfing Sites and Blogs

Surfer Magazine
Yes!  Though the workings of a large magazine may sometimes be questionable, their media content, information, and commitment to informing the world about what is going on in the surfer world is stellar. Love this site!

Long Beach Surf Shop in Tofino
A website for Long Beach Surf Shop in Tofino, where we like to drop by when heading to Tofino for some sessions.  The blog has great articles, info, videos, and random happenings.  Always something to put a smile on my face!

Daily Surf Videos
A fun site that has collection of surf videos… great if you want to pass some time and need a dose of ocean viewing for a few minutes.  Some professional, some not, but always worth a view.

Jaimal Yogis
Jaimal Yogis wrote one of the books which really led us to see that our adventure of buddhism and surfing wasn’t as far-fetched as we thought.  Please check him out, and his books, too!

Neuroscience Sites and Blogs

It’s ok to be smart
A blog about the diversity of science. Covers many interesting topics in a witty and engaging manner.

Brain Pickings
Not limited to science, this blog focuses on what is interesting in life. Topics range from the human mind to creativity and the nature of human knowledge. Highly recommended.

BPS Research Digest
One of the definitive neuroscience blogs. Articles are in depth and insightful. Covers a wide range of fascinating findings in science.

The Neurocritc
Great blog that looks into the actual science behind sensationalistic claims in neuroscience. Criticisms are precise and engaging, great for students and people interested in learning more about the science of brain imaging.

Mind Hacks
Looks into how neuroscience and psychology uncover the dynamics of the human mind.

Buddhism Sites and Blogs

BuddhaNet is an amazing resource for practitioners of any level.  Guided meditations, books, and backgrounders on a wide variety of topics and Buddhism styles.  Definitely a great stop for initial questions and starting points of research.

Mind and Life Institute
This is an amazing site which has video recordings of the MInd and Life Conferences, whose aim is to build a scientific understanding of the mind and to reduce suffering and promote well-being.  The videos and dialogues between the Dalai-Lama and others are truly worth a watch, topics from ecology to neuroscience.  RAD!

Buddhist Geeks
A resource for the modern day, nerdy and tech-savvy Buddhists looking for how to incorporate Buddhism into their modern day lives.  They have excellent podcasts and lessons to download, definitely worth adding to your list :)

Progressive Buddhism
A cool website we like to check out for interpretations and viewpoints onBuddhism in the light of modern knowledge, and looking at the best ways to integrate Buddhism into modern life and societies… Check em out :)

Tiny Buddha
Not so Tiny, contributors relate specific buddhist themes and teachings to specific examples they have experienced in their own lives. There are posts about happiness, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships, meaning, possibilities, mindfulness, and letting go. Truly one of our favourites!!!!


Mad Maids

Mad Maids is a local cleaning company that uses an innovative pricing system to provide profit sharing with different charities around the world.


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