About our Upcoming Book

Final Turtle

Hello and thank you for visiting Dharma in Every Wave! Allow us to tell you about the book we are creating:

We are creating an interactive ebook about surfing, buddhism, and modern neuroscience. It will explore the links between meditation and surfing that people achieve while they’re in the zone, and explain how modern neuroscience parallels insights from Buddhism and the experience of surfing.

The interactive portion will be for tablet computers like the iPad. It will allow readers to watch interviews with Buddhist practitioners, surf videos, play with images and graphs, similar to Al Gores’ iPad application named “Our Choice”. We will also publish a softcover and hardcover version of the book that will include access to an online website or DVD where people can interact with the same content as the digital version.

Here’s a video we put together, originally for a Rockethub fundraising exercise. Though the fundraising is over, the information in the video still applies. Please take a look!

We aim to share the excitement and connections that we see throughout our lives. The connection of surfing, spirituality and the neuroscience behind the commonalities is something that fascinates us. By using each as a metaphor for our own life and development, we believe a richer, more aware state of being can be achieved.

Square Breathing

In the caffeine infused madness of the work day, it’s easy to forget to stop and take a moment to breathe. Here is a simple one minute technique to reset your mind and fuel creativity.

The Square Breath

  1. Sit in a quiet environment (or at your desk if you can’t get away)
  2. Inhale while slowly counting to four
  3. Hold your breath for the same count of four
Exhale, again slowing counting to four
  5. Hold your lungs empty for a count of four
  6. Repeat as many times as you like

In essence, you want to create a square with your breath. As you do this, try to focus as much attention as possible on the act of breathing. Afterwards, thank yourself for taking a minute to reorient yourself to your body and the present.

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