This Guy Ate An Avocado…And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Some time in the last century a friend of mine offered me some of her avocado.

No, thanks, I said. I don’t really like them.

Her eyes grew wide. How can that be? she asked. They’re so good.

I don’t get why people make such a big deal about them, I said. They’re bland. They don’t taste like anything. There’s nothing special about them.

But how can you not love that light, creamy, green taste? she pressed. It’s so rich and delicate at the same time.

She handed me the avocado and a spoon. Go ahead, she said. Try it again.

I didn’t hate avocados. They didn’t disgust me. And she seemed really sincere. So I thought, What the hell? And tried it.

And the windows were opened and the light came in.

Sun in clouds framed

Of course there was a light rich, creamy flavor somehow deep and delicate at the same time. But it wasn’t new. It had always been there.

It was the taste of an avocado – and I had tasted it before. I’d always known it. But I’d been looking for something else, something more obvious. Maybe something sweet or sour or salty, something intense.The avocado was none of these things, but it was extraordinary as it was. I just had to see that, and take it as it was. There was nothing extra needed – it was there all along.

It makes some people nuts when you say they’re perfect as they are. They feel pretty shitty a lot of the time, and they’re 20 pounds overweight, or they can’t stop smoking, or they’ll never finish that novel, or whatever the fuck it is. They can’t get their shit together. So when you tell them they’re perfect it seems idiotic, it sounds like bullshit.

Because they aren’t what they want to be, or what they hoped they would be, and time is running out!
And there’s no getting around it: life is a litany of disappointments. You lose everything you love, and you die at the end.

 True story.

Dream seat framed

And Death is so scary! It’s awful. Death is Darth Vader. Death destroys worlds. Everything frightening is frightening because it threatens us with death, even when we don’t see it that way. Even if we say we’re afraid of losing our job, or losing our wife, or losing our minds, it’s all death. It’s the loss of ourselves.

Because everything threatens us. Life is a stranger’s sojourn, and we’re never at rest. To be alive is to be uncomfortable, and to be imperilled. When we’re lonely we long for love, and if we find love we’re afraid to lose it. And often we do lose it, despite our best efforts or, worse, as a result of our best efforts, because our best efforts were not what the beloved wanted.

And other people are always happier than we are, or better looking, or they have more money.

So, you know, when you tell some people they’re perfect the way they are, they just think you’re mocking them, or that you’re full of shit.

But, regardless, each of us is perfect and pristine, an unfolding miracle, exactly as we are.

The problem is that our consciousness, the faculty that makes us so successful, that thrust us into unfettered dominion over the beasts of the earth and the fish of the sea, and endowed us with the vision and the tools to create the Alphabet, the Electric Light, and Two and a Half Men, has brought with it this illusion of a Self that is separate from the rest of the universe, that travels through it and is threatened by it.

And because this Self is so small compared to all that is, because deep inside we know that we die at the end, we have to spend our short lives propping up and defending this illusory ghost. William Mortensen - Creature

But it never ends. It’s never good enough. It can never be good enough. And we see everything from the inside, from the ghost’s point of view, from the grave.

And the world doesn’t care, and it doesn’t help us. It doesn’t take us seriously. It keeps throwing shit at us, and taking our stuff away. We can’t keep anything, and nothing works for long. To protect ourselves we have to fix everything. If we can just organize our shit we’ll be okay.

Because we’re never satisfied, the world is wrong. We need to fix it, to fix it, to fix it.

Take a second, right now. Just stop, and take a breath, and feel the breath within your body. Cool through your nostrils and throat, gently swelling through your torso, warm and full in your belly.

You will have felt some part of that. Even if you are racked by suffering and sorrow, there is some part within you that is at peace.

How can you reach it?

You can breathe again, and watch the breath, and feel it spread through your body.

You can rest for a  moment, for the span of a breath, just a few seconds. Feel the tingling in your toes or the top of your head, feel the warm luxuriant suchness of your torso, your belly, your chest. It’s just there – it just is. Feel how you are. Don’t back away.

You can let the pain go – there will be time for it later.

Don’t neglect the simple pleasure of being, the simple peace of being. Don’t neglect the miraculous fact that you are here, and that the time is now.

Do you see? It’s right here in front of you. Everything you’re looking for.


Look closer…


Do you see?


This guest contribution was by Chris Logan.  Chris is a long-time Dharma practitioner who writes about culture, ethics, and wisdom in Victoria, British Columbia.
His favorite color is blue.
His favorite berry is black.
Read more of his works at

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Ayahuasca and Moulding Thoughts


We have the pleasure of presenting a guest post from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.  We at Dharma in Every Wave are open to many point of view, and believe that insight can be attained from any number of sources.  Prayer, meditation, comic books, nature, even psychedelics.  Please enjoy the following read!

My first experience with Ayahuasca began humbly enough, yet taught me a significant lesson which I carry within myself to this day.

A phone call from a friend in a distant, wintered city started my journey.  My friend, we’ll call him Sean for the purpose of protecting his identity, told me about the revelatory and healing experience he had from the result of drinking the bitter tasting tea from the Amazon.  An experience so profound that he saw the roots of his life-long emotional anguish, and was able to begin bringing to surface the potential for forgiveness, peace, and a happy life.  This situation was not to be taken lightly,  as Sean had never really used drugs, let alone psychedelics.  I listened in awe and intensity as he describe his journey, and excitedly accepted his offer to refer me to the group for the next ceremony, which was less than a month away.

Sean then proceeded to explain more about the ceremony, the time leading up to it, the diet that must be undertaken in order to cleanse your body of toxins as best as possible, and the importance of setting an intention.  The intention can be summed up as this: What is it you want to explore within yourself? 

We said our goodbyes, and my journey began. Continue reading

What did you learn in 2012, what will you do this year?

Vancouver shot on a summer early morning rendez-vouz on the beach

As we move into 2013, it can help for us to take a moment, breathe, see how far we have come, where we are, and what we would like to see happen moving forward.  This awareness of self helps to keep things in perspective, allow you to give thanks for what you have created and received, and form a roadmap of intention.

Though not necessarily a Buddhist practice or philosophy, I have found that asking some key questions at this time of year have helped me reach the point where I am now.  I recommend taking the time to do this, as it is amazing what you will see in your life, and more importantly, where you want to go.  Not all who wander are lost, but a path and map can certainly bring clarity and focus.

Following are thoughts from Aiden and Jean-Michel. Post your learnings in the comments!

What did I learn in 2012?

We use this question to look back, and analyze situations that, at the time may have been emotional, but now, we can clearly see the lessons they provided.  Some key things we learned are:


  • The most important thing in life is having motivation and the energy to act. Both come in various forms, so experiment, observe and pursue each ferociously.
  • Love isn’t an emotion, an ideal or an act. It’s a willingness to be 100% independent and to allow the one you love to be the same. Anything else in a relationship is attachment.
  • The world will open its windows to you and everything will be different than expected.
  • Keystone behaviours exist: simple acts that have wide reaching effects on diverse areas of your life. Meditation is one of mine.
  • A single idea can change your life.  It’s near impossible to know which idea will change your life. It’s important to record, express and cultivate each idea that is genuine to your desires.
  • You will achieve your goals. It’s important to recognize when this happens, acknowledge your progress and reframe your goal structures to achieve higher levels of success and personal growth.


  • I have the ability to help and contribute to others and society.  Despite it not being a career or a central focus in life, try on that by giving back to society, it will shift the focus of life from you and your problems, to kindness and contribution.
  • I can excel in my career.  So can you.  I love my career, and I love the interactions I have the opportunity to engage in.  I arrived in this place by never settling for something that I knew was not what I wanted.  Don’t give up on your dreams, they’re closer than you might think.
  • My friends and family care for and love me.  Often, it is easy to forget that others are there for you, especially when you are lost in your day to day challenges.  Touch base, call someone you care about.  They’ll be happy to hear from you.
  • Love and Connection with others is created; it does not exist on its own.  This is a topic on which I could write several posts.  Just remember that taking others for granted, and not putting effort into a relationship or friendship, and holding onto negative events and emotions is thought of the easy thing to do, but ultimately, it is much harder on your life.  Put the effort in to connect with people, and love them for who they are.
  • If not vigilant, I can be ruled by my emotions.  Mindfulness and meditation are the cornerstone to my vigilance.
  • I have much to learn in terms of intimate relationships with women.  I am always humbled and often, frustrated, in my intimate relationships.  Every time I think I have things figured out, I realize, I don’t!  Remember that relationships take 2 people, and that loving and caring for someone else means being happy for them, no matter what they decide to do or say.  Love is independence, “need”, as in when we say “i need you to be happy” is attachment, one of the roots of suffering.  Love someone and be ahoy for them, even if they don’t wish to be with you.

What is my new purpose and passion, going forward?

I routinely ask myself this question.  It gives me an underlying drive to the things that I do, and a statement that I can refer to when I feel that I am getting ruled by emotions.  If you align your actions and goals to your passion and purpose, you will be happy.


To contribute value to the world every day. To delve deeper into the human psyche and help people understand who they are, why they are and how they can become more of the person they want to be.


My purpose in life is to create peace and freedom wherever I can.  I do this be being a clearing, listening to what is important to others, and making a difference wherever I am.

What do I want to move forward in for 2013?

This guiding question helps set the tone for things I wish to accomplish, and helps me eliminate the things that may be a waste of time.  Be vigilant in your salvation!  Be vigilant in your life’s pursuits, as no one else shall pursue them for you.


  • Create an inspiring environment around me that cultivates value and creativity.
  • Allow myself to relax and truly enjoy a portion of each day.
  • Focus on big wins for my career: self publish my first book, publish my research on brain networks in renown science journals and collaborate with international research labs.


  • Bring a new standard of excellence to my new career (I received a promotion)
  • Write daily, and complete 75% of Aiden and I’s book.
  • Meditate daily, and attend weekly group dharma talks and meditation sessions.
  • Bring a higher level of health and fitness to my physical body.
  • Contribute to a cause I believe in by using the technical and organizational skills I have.  To start, I am donating a surfboard I shaped to an environmental cause.
Now that you have read about us; tell us about you!  Or, if unwilling to share on such a public forum, take a 1/2 hour and write them for yourself.  Share with someone you love, even share with a stranger!  Bring these ideas into the world and help others to create their lives and see that they can make a difference for themselves.

Thank you, and best of luck in 2013!

Vancouver shot on a summer early morning rendez-vouz on the beach

About our Upcoming Book

Final Turtle

Hello and thank you for visiting Dharma in Every Wave! Allow us to tell you about the book we are creating:

We are creating an interactive ebook about surfing, buddhism, and modern neuroscience. It will explore the links between meditation and surfing that people achieve while they’re in the zone, and explain how modern neuroscience parallels insights from Buddhism and the experience of surfing.

The interactive portion will be for tablet computers like the iPad. It will allow readers to watch interviews with Buddhist practitioners, surf videos, play with images and graphs, similar to Al Gores’ iPad application named “Our Choice”. We will also publish a softcover and hardcover version of the book that will include access to an online website or DVD where people can interact with the same content as the digital version.

Here’s a video we put together, originally for a Rockethub fundraising exercise. Though the fundraising is over, the information in the video still applies. Please take a look!

We aim to share the excitement and connections that we see throughout our lives. The connection of surfing, spirituality and the neuroscience behind the commonalities is something that fascinates us. By using each as a metaphor for our own life and development, we believe a richer, more aware state of being can be achieved.